Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bruce Cathie UFO Documentary - Now Available!

THE HARMONIC CODE is an exciting and revealing new documentary into the life and research of UFO/Antigravity expert and Author Bruce L. Cathie.

It contains exclusive interviews with Bruce on the Harmonics of Reality, UFO's, Earth's energy grid, Matter and Antimatter cycles, the possibilities of time travel and the truth about atomic bomb testing.

CLICK HERE to go to the order site: http://www.antigravitymovie.com/pages/harmonic.htm

His books, which have been suppressed for years include Harmonic 33, The Energy Grid, The UFO and Antigravity, Bridge to Infinity and The Harmonic Conquest of Space. This documentary is the prelude to the Feature Film "ANTIGRAVITY"


90 minutes colour

Antigravity and the Earth Grid

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